Wingrove Motorcourt offer
superb value for money with quality service.

• Provide Cars up to 3 Years Old at Great Prices
• Provide Customer Service which is Second-to-None

Call our team at Wingrove Motorcourt
before you buy your next Citroen!

"Our aim is to supply Citroen cars direct from the manufacturer, usually up to 3 years old with service history and one owner - all at a great price. We also offer finance to sweeten your purchase."
Malcolm Black


Wingrove Motorcourt is a recent venture started by Malcolm Black, working in conjunction with Wingrove Motor Company in Newcastle. A company with over 90 years in business buying Citroen cars direct from the manufacturer.

Malcolm has over 42 years experience working in franchised dealerships throughout the North East, including:
• BMW at Mill Garages Sunderland
• Springfield Cars as Sales Director
• MSB Skoda in Darlington - Owner / Managing Director

Malcolm has much experience in dealing with customer's requirements and continually exceeding their expectations.